Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fairytale Hair

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your long hair.

Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella and co. all shared some common traits, one of them being their luck at finding their Prince Charming, and the other was their lustrous locks. Now sadly I cannot point you in the direction of any single Princes, but I can help with the hair.

Fairy Liquid may be the best in the kingdom at keeping our hands mild, but it also has a little known super power... It makes your hair look shiny, healthy and it feels squeaky clean too! 

Just a little of this wonderful liquid instead of shampoo when you are washing your hair will rid your locks of build up of hairspray, dry shampoo, mousse and hair serums. Do this once every month and you'll reap the compliments.

This works brilliantly for most hair, especially greasy hair (remember its not just dish grease that it cuts through!) but if you are a beautiful brunette, then this tip is a must for you! 

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  1. Brilliant Post my Gok-wan!!

    Love the tone and funkiness of the blog too :)